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Baby Blankets

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Baby blankets:  Buy modern newborn baby blankets for winter online in India at a cheap price. We have a small baby boy and baby girl sleeping blanket made with cotton. ✓Soft ✓Cotton ✓Low price ✓Baby sleeping blankets

Newborn Baby Blankets 

Blankets are like a mother’s hug, warm, comfy, and feel like you are in a haven. While you can't have your mother’s arm always around you. You go around finding a kids comforter and soft blanket for a good night's sleep. 

When we talk about a mother’s comfort babies are the ones who need it the most. How to choose a perfect blanket for your baby? Which can give them comfort and easy breathing sleep. What different kinds of blankets are available for babies?

  • Baby Sleeping Blankets

Many people believe when an infant is swaddled, they sleep more peacefully. As per belief, the swaddled blanket makes them feel they are still in their mother’s womb. It is said when babies are swaddled they don’t startle and wake themselves from their slumber. But it is not recommended for babies who can roll over easily. 

  • Small Baby Blanket

As the name suggests receiving a blanket is the blanket in which a baby is received for the first time. As the trends and hype said, parents get personalized blankets and preserve them. Even hospitals provide receiving blankets which later are used as swaddling blankets too. 

  • Soft Baby Blanket

An infant or a baby younger than one year is not recommended to use a crib blanket, as per doctors you can start using crib blankets for your babies, the thickness of your crib blankets depends on the climate where you live. The size of your blanket should be the same as a crib.

  • Stroller Blanket

Taking your baby out for a walk or just a stroll is important and covering them with a blanket, we have to make sure the blanket looks beautiful and doesn’t wear out with washes. Stroller blankets are lighter in weight so that you can carry them everywhere without inconvenience.

How to Choose A Right Baby Blanket?

  • Age - Infants can’t use blankets until they turn a year old.  For babies up to year-old use receiving blankets or swaddling blankets until they get a little older, do not use blankets for infants. 
  • Colour -  Colors of blankets depend upon the parents, they can choose whichever color they want according to their color preference of the nursery. Brighter colors bring life and happiness vibes to your babies, you can choose subtle colors for them too, but brighter colors and prints leave vast space for imagination and curiosity.
  • Size- The size of the blankets is very important, swaddling blankets for infants, crib blankets should be the right size of the crib, you can even use a large blanket on the floor and let your baby roam around. 
  • Material - the material of a blanket is a must look out for when buying a blanket, knitted blankets for chilly days or winter seasons, or even in-room where AC is on. A lighter blanket for summer and humid days. 
  • Texture -  anything that comes in contact with babies should be soft and breathable as they have the most sensitive skin, choosing a blanket soft for their skin and breathable is a must. Using high-quality cotton which gets softer with each wash is perfect. 
  • Price - blankets are used for a shorter period as babies grow in the blink of an eye. Go for higher quality but don’t go overboard with the price.
  • Environment-  it is better to choose a comfortable yet sustainable blanket as using blankets that are not environmentally friendly can even harm the babies. 

 Why Choose Newcomers?

Newcomer is a leading brand in India Dealing with baby products, they have a wide range of baby blankets for you to choose from. The blankets newcomers offer have plushly imported fabric for newborns to babies up to 4 years. The blankets are not made of fur which makes them more suitable for babies, the blankets without fur give the right warmth for a good night's sleep.

You can use them in cribs, cots, beds, or on the floor for them to play. The blankets are chemical-free, soft, and breathable making them more convenient for the baby to use. The blankets come in many beautiful and vibrant patterns for your baby’s nursery, these are lightweight, and easy to carry, in eye-soothing patterns, anti-allergic and easiest to wash, and come at a very affordable price.

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