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Baby Milestone Blankets

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Baby Quilt: Buy personalized milestone blankets for boys and girls online in India at low price. You can even buy cotton baby quilts set made with or quilted baby blankets✓easy ✓floral ✓diy ✓disney ✓princess  ✓baby boy quilts ✓baby girl quilts

Baby Milestone Blankets

A milestone blanket is made specially to keep track by taking pictures of your growing baby. These blankets feature the age or significant moments of the baby. All you need to do is to capture the moment. It is a great way of capturing your baby's weekly and monthly milestones. These blankets come with markers or wooden frames to highlight the said week or month.

Types of Milestone Blankets

There are many types of milestone blankets available in the market, with the latest trends to capture all your babies the moment these blankets are high in demand. 

  • Personalized milestone blanket

You can get yourself a personalized blanket for your baby. Why should we get those pre-made blankets for our precious little ones? To get your touch on your baby's blanket you can get them a personalized milestone blanket to track their weekly and monthly growth along with your ideas of design in the blanket. 

  • Disney milestone blanket

Disney has always been a favorite of all kids. These designs and prints of Disney characters are always loved by babies as those characters are beautiful and unique. You won’t find a single kid who doesn’t like Disney characters. Be it princesses or cars or toy stories you’ll find all Disney characters enchanting. 

  • Disney princess milestone blanket 

Disney princess blankets are always in trend and ideal for every beautiful baby girl out there. Those princesses make them feel like a princess themselves. The vibrant colors of the gown the princess is wearing make the blanket look more gorgeous. 

  • Floral milestone blanket

Florals have never been out of fashion, be it your outfits or blankets, or bedspreads or baby pillows, you’ll find floral designs the most lovely ones. The floral flowers on the blanket give you a springy vibe with beautiful colors in them. 

  • DIY milestone blanket

DIY milestone blankets are blankets that you curate by yourself for your little ones, by using a piece of cloth and drawing the numbers from a market or painting them on the cloth and drawing designs according to your need and preferences. 

Baby Quilts

Bay quilt is a warm blanket for your newly born baby, to keep them warm and safe during nights and winters. Baby quilts are not recommended for babies below one year but they can be a great choice to help them play on it. The quilts are soft and comfortable for the baby to play on. 

Types of Baby Quilt Set

Beautiful quilts make your room look beautiful and add a sense of belongingness to you. While you are out in search of materials for your baby’s nursery and bedding you need a perfect quiet for them to sleep in, so whenever they wake up in the middle of the night they can have a sense of you while being in the quilt. There are different types of quit which can help you to choose from.

  • Baby boy quilts 

If you have a baby boy on the way or already here you can opt for baby quilts made specifically for boys with prints of harry potter, cars, toy stories, animal prints, or nursery prints to give them a curiosity about those characters on their quilt blanket. 

  • Baby girl quilts 

If a baby girl is on the way or here in your arms put her on the baby girl quilts which are soft and cozy for her little body, with personality crafted designs of the princess, animal prints, or those beautiful nursery prints which will give their little mind to explore different colors and will make them curious and happy on their quilt.

  • Cotton Baby quilts 

Baby skin is the most sensitive skin of all time, giving them personalized and many things is excellent only until you are careful enough with the material used. Pure cotton fabric or say the high-quality cotton fabric is the only ideal fabric for babies which is soft and durable and can be easily washed.

Using quilts, blankets or bedspread of fur, silk which might seem soft but are not good for baby skin they might end up inhaling a fur particle so make sure you get cotton baby quilt set which are available at newcomers made of high-quality premium cotton and come in many variations and patterns which are ideal for both boys and girls.

Why Choose Newcomers?

Newcomers is a website that offers baby products of high quality and a great range of designs and patterns for you to choose from, they are affordable in price. They provide the right warmth to your baby and can be used as blankets and even for photography too. These are reversible, soft, and best to breathe blankets which makes them ideal for every baby.

These quilts are light in weight which makes them easier to carry, easy to wash, eco-friendly, non-allergic, soothing in colors, super soft and comfortable, and absorbent too. These come with a wooden frame to highlight your desired number and week/month packed in a beautiful bag which makes it more ideal to gift and store too.

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