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Baby Jhula Swing

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Baby swing: Buy baby jhula swing for newborn baby, toddler and kids online in India at low price. Baby Kids hanging swing suitable for home, outdoor etc

Baby Swing Jhula Online in India

No matter what age you are, you always dream about flying. Swings are the best alternative. We have to fly high whenever we feel like being up in the air. The euphoric feeling we get when we are high on the swing is indescribable. The wind on your face and the thrill of something so adventurous is something people of all ages crave. Babies find them the most entertaining way of playing.

Not just fun but swings are good for a baby's health too, it is a great exercise for their body. Swings attract the most to a kid when they run into a park. 

Why Newcomers for your Baby's Swing?

 The material used in the swings is made with durable cotton fabric with polished wooden sticks for your kid's safety and comfort. The rope used is 10 mm which makes it stronger and the bucket-style seats are safe and comfortable for every kid sitting in them. The set of seeing includes one swing and a pair of pillows with micro reckon filling for better back support. With a pair of S shape hooks to adjust the height of your swing, and a cotton-covered wooden seat for comfort. 

The rope provided is 7 feet long and the durability of this swing is amazing. The adjustable strap for height makes it last years for kids. The swing comes with a safety belt which can help you feel at ease even if you leave on it while working. 

You can install these jhulas and swings anywhere be it indoors or outdoors, wherever you find a fixed hook. The capacity of these swings and jhulas is up to 20 kgs and ages around 3 months to four years. These are very easy to use jhulas and swings and can be assembled within minutes and the cloth used can be removed and washed easily at home. You’ll find these swings and jhulas at newcomers at a very affordable price.  


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Aqua-White Cotton Fabric & Easy to Assemble Baby Swing Jhula for Babies

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Aqua-White Cotton Fabric & Easy to Assemble Baby Swing Jhula for Babies

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